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When Montgomery–FM! plays your message works.

Montgomery–FM! connects brands and fans through the passion point of music and a combination of social and alternative media. Our monthly unique visitors are 6.1K strong —and the combination of our personalized listening experience and precision targeting ensures your message is reaching the right audience at the right time.

Montgomery–FM! is known among those who influence policy as a "must peruse". It signals the important issues of the moment. In an environment filled with political agendas, Montgomery–FM! stands alone in delivering solid, non-partisan and objective reporting on the business of Montgomery, covering the inner-workings, as well as the nexus between politics and business. Montgomery–FM! serves to connect the players, define the issues and influence the way Montgomery's decision makers view the debate.

Products That Pop

Montgomery–FM! products break through with sound, sight, motion and (e)motion, delivering simple, cross-platform solutions and custom opportunities.

Sound is one of the most powerful forms of media, and is becoming even more relevant in the mobile, multitasking world. Montgomery–FM! audio ads are designed to reach your audience wherever they are, whatever they are doing. Our custom audio products create the sound of your brand through branded radio. 

Montgomery–FM! is unique in that it delivers display advertising only when a listener is engaging with the product. Whether it’s a rich media experience or direct response campaign, we know when someone is leaning in and looking at their screen. This is why we deliver more effective advertising.

Motion takes center stage in an audio environment, delivering video organically into listeners’ experience. Your video stands out as a full-screen experience in a clean, clutter-free environment. Montgomery–FM! is an unexpected and effective place to play video.

(e)motion is the connective tissue throughout all of our products. It begins with music as a passion point and is strengthened by personalization, allowing brands to develop meaningful connections with consumers.

Bringing sound, sight, motion and (e)motion together, our experiential opportunities connect brands and fans. Live events like concerts, exhibitions, sporting and conferences create a 360° customer experience.

Whatever your objectives, our suite of products and solutions will help you stand out from the crowd and create real world bonds with our listeners.

Precision Targeting Platform

Where others see targets, we see bulls-eyes.

With a registered user base, there is no guesswork. Registered users provide age, gender and zip. We know what they listen to and how they interact with music. Other insights, such as interests and psycho-graphics, provide additional audience segments. Whether you want to reach moms in west river region or seniors who are on the go in Pike Road, Montgomery–FM’s targeting platform allows us to zero in on your audience.

This precision targeting, combined with our massive scale, makes your ad dollars go further. So every impression is a smart impression.

Less waste. More of who you want.

Go Local

Every business is different and has its own challenges. As your friend in sales, we’re here to help.

Montgomery–FM! takes the best of social and alternative media to make planning, buying and measuring simple and accountable. Montgomery–FM’s local targeting means that no impression is wasted.

Just like we’re here to help connect Montgomerians to all kinds of public interests, we’re here to help connect people with your brand and business.

Experiential Marketing

How can my brand get a backstage pass? Montgomery–FM! connects brands and fans up close and in person with exciting live events and custom content.

Via data-driven insights we create experiences that connect your brand with the music your demographic loves. Franchise services, like Montgomery–FM's magazine, radio, concerts, and sporting, special, and custom exhibitions position your brand on the cutting-edge of the river region culture.

Online, the connection continues and your reach broadens with your brand bringing exclusive artist and content to an avid audience.

Montgomery–FM! brings your audience to its feet with complete 360° solutions that take your message from online to real life.

The Montgomery–FM Project

Algorithms aren’t personal. People are personal. Creating bonds between brands and fans is our purpose, and the Montgomery–FM! powered by Smartcast® is our heart and soul. Montgomery–FM! is the perfect choice for your advertising message.

For further information, contact sales at (334) 625-8467.



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