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23 October 2014 / by

Montgomery–FM! is the premiere network and publication created by Smartcast®; in an effort to reach the river region's mobile and diverse population. Interviews, current affairs, news, critical thinking, public affairs, and music programming 24 hours a day. You'll hear coverage from city hall of important hearings, city council, and key speeches from city and state leaders. The world can see all that is relevant from the "City of Dreams" that was the cradle for civil rights. All to a unique tapestry of what we call Musique à la Carte:  The finest blend of jazz, country, and blues music to capture the essence of all that Montgomery represents.

Montgomery–FM! was created in 2014 by Smartcast®, a Montgomery based dynamic content development firm founded by Keith Walters. Montgomery–FM! will simulcast proceedings of the City of Montgomery's government, as well as other public affairs programmings. The Montgomery-FM! network includes three online streams (320kbps, 192kbps and 24kbps), plans for one HD local radio station, and groups of pod-cast servers that provide streaming media services and archives of Montgomery–FM! programs. Montgomery-FM! is marketed to approximately 81,486 households, and the internet and social media throughout urban and rural Alabama. Plans are to simulcast on FM radio throughout the region, throughout the U.S. on XM Satellite Radio, and through apps for iOS, BlackBerry and Android devices.

The network broadcast Montgomery political events, particularly live and "gavel-to-gavel" coverage of the City Council as well as occasional proceedings of Montgomery County, Public School Board, and Alabama State legislature and major events statewide. Our coverage of political and policy events is unedited, thereby providing listeners with unfiltered information about politics and government. Non-political coverage includes historical programming, programs dedicated to non-fiction books, and interview programs with noteworthy individuals associated with public policy. Montgomery–FM! is funded directly by our advertiser and affiliate proceeds.


  1. To provide the City of Montgomery's audience ADA Compliant access to the live gavel-to-gavel proceedings of the City Council and the Mayor's Office, and to other forums where public policy is discussed, debated and decided—all without editing, commentary or analysis and with a balanced presentation of points of view;
  2. To provide elected and appointed officials and others who would influence public policy a direct conduit to the audience without filtering or otherwise distorting their points of view;
  3. To provide the audience, through the call-in program, direct access to elected officials, other decision makers and journalists on a frequent and open basis;
  4. To employ production values that accurately convey the business of regional entertainment and government rather than distract from it; and
  5. To conduct all other aspects of its operations consistent with these principles.

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